STAR Patriot students

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. -- The WHS Faculty Senate School Climate Committee accepts staff nominations for students every marking period for the STAR Patriot student awards.  "STAR" stands for Success Through Achievement and Responsibility.  The following students won a STAR award and Sheets gift card for the first marking period:  

Pictured are: 

Emmy Ward (nominated by Mr. Smith)

Odell Ware  (Ms. Rhoades)

Josh Thomason (Mrs. Nicholson)

Gretchen Shepherd (Ms. Boone)

Cynthia Keiter  (Ms. Boone)

 Not pictured winners: 

Cecelia Bayles (Mr. Nicholson)

Caden Ballard (Ms. Reed)

Natalie Diedericks (Mr. Smith)

Jasmine Proctor (Ms. Borkholder)

Chris Gutierrez (Ms. Borkholder)